Suiting Program (Integration or reintegration into the job market)

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Job-ready women have access to Dress for Success Montréal by referral only from a variety of not-for-profit organizations. Each client works one-on-one with a highly-trained volunteer “personal shopper” who helps her select her professional attire and provides support and encouragement as she prepares for her upcoming interviews. Dress for Success Montréal provides each client with two suits, footwear, accessories and, most importantly, positive reinforcement and a boost of confidence. After a client finds a job that is right for her, she can return to Dress for Success Montréal in order to benefit from a full week’s worth of professional attire. The clothing that we provide our clients represents our faith in every woman’s ability to succeed.

Career Center (under development)

Our Career Center takes women’s job readiness “beyond the suit” to increase their chances of success in a competitive job market. Our Career Center pairs clients, one-one-one, with staff members to help develop confidence and professionalism. Our staff members assist clients with the drafting of their résumés and cover letters, provide career counseling, conduct mock interviews, and facilitate access to our professional skills training course.


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Professional Women’s Group (Retaining employment)

With the success of landing a new job, newly-employed women often encounter an unfamiliar set of challenges. From understanding corporate culture to managing personal finances, career novices are often left to navigate the unwritten rules of the workplace with little or no support. The Professional Women’s Group (PWG) furthers the careers of successfully employed Dress for Success Montréal women by providing them with a network of support, practical information, and inspiration to ensure that they retain their employment and reach their full potential. The clients must undertake to participate to a minimum of six conferences over a period of twelve months, after which they receive a certification. The topics are as follows: leadership and civil responsibilities, written and unwritten rules about job market, health and wellness, financial planning, work/life balance.

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